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How can I be sure who is at fault?
It’s not always clear, so contact RTA Assistance for free advice. We will make enquiries with the third party insurer to see if they will accept liability for the accident.

Why should I not just pass the claim to my own insurers?
You will probably have to pay an excess to get your vehicle repaired. You may not get a replacement like for like vehicle and your no claims bonus may be affected whilst the claim is being resolved.

What if the accident was my fault?
Unfortunately we only deal with non fault accidents and you should contact your own insurer.

What if I or my passengers are injured?
We will introduce you to one of our specialist solicitors who will seek compensation for you on a no win no fee basis, subject to insurance costs. Fee payable if you choose to cancel the claim.

What if my vehicle is written off?
An independent engineer will agree the value of your repair with the garage. If the value of the repair exceeds the value of your vehicle, he will advise us that the vehicle is a total loss. The engineer will then confirm the market value of the vehicle prior to the accident. We will then agree the settlement figure with you and secure a cheque for this amount. You will be given time to bank the cheque before returning the hire vehicle to us.

Can my passenger be a witness?
Any witness has to be independent and not known to you.

I have been contacted directly by the at fault insurer offering to settle my claim. What should I do?
This approach is increasingly used by insurers to limit their exposure to the claim. Their interest is principally their own client, not you. This therefore may not be in your best interests, so call us first and we will give you free advice.